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Modern Tech: The New Ride Sharing for Seniors

Senior man waving at viewer

Remember that milestone of being able to drive for the first time? The freedom it represented? Having a car gave you the ability to go wherever you wanted. You could literally throw a dart at a map of the United States and that could be your next destination. At times, the ability to drive felt more like a right than a right of passage. But today, with increasing traffic congestion, distracted drivers and road rage, the freedom of the open road has become more like survival of the fittest. And that doesn’t even include trying to find a convenient parking space!

That’s why more and more senior drivers, no matter how painful it is, are giving up their car keys. Not so long ago, the idea of parking your car forever was seen as a last resort. Thanks to smartphone apps like Lyft and Uber, rideshares for seniors make it possible for you to maintain your freedom without having to worry about car maintenance, insurance, gas or dealing with all the people who’ve got someplace to be. All you need is to download a ride sharing services app, and you can kick your life into high gear. Today, even retirement communities are using Uber and Lyft for seniors. This post will look at how this new form of mobility helps you not only maintain your social connections but can keep you healthier too.

Health and Social Mobility

One of the more obvious problems of going carless is missed medical appointments. Having to rely on rides from busy family members can make it difficult to keep scheduled visits. And even if you’re lucky enough to have convenient public transportation options nearby, navigating a transit system — including all its accessibility options — can be confusing and intimidating.

A more overlooked result of not having a car is a lack of social connection. According to the National Institute of Health, being able to regularly see friends and family is an important factor in senior well-being. But when faced with the hassle of arranging a ride to go to a movie, out to dinner or to visit friends, you may just opt to stay home.

Another obstacle for those who want to use a ride-sharing service is not having a smartphone to download the app or being well versed in using the app. To help combat this problem, Lyft, Uber and other local ride-sharing options for seniors make it possible for someone else, like an adult child or health care provider, to schedule a ride.

Lyft at Laurel Circle

Life Care Services®, An LCS® Company, has a partnership with Lyft to bring on-demand transportation to senior living communities — like Laurel Circle — managed by Life Care Services. Lyft offers residents an alternative to group transportation or driving your own vehicle. At our community, our concierge program will arrange a ride for you via Lyft whenever you want.

“We continually explore opportunities to help our senior living residents remain independent,” says Allison Pendroy, senior vice president, director of for-profit communities for Life Care Services. “We chose Lyft because the company has a dedicated platform to serve seniors. They require a rigorous background screening for all drivers, have an IT solution that allows the community to schedule rides for residents, technology that enables the community to follow ride routes from beginning to end, and efficient billing.”

Our Lyft service is just one of the ways your life is embraced at Laurel Circle. To learn how else we help you maintain the connections that matter most, fill out our contact form on this page or call us at 908-595-6500.