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Why Moviegoing Seniors Love Laurel Circle

Seniors at the movie theater

Starting in childhood, movies quickly become a good way to explore new worlds or visit distant galaxies. They can take us to times long past or provide a vision of the future. Movies are also a way to experience a way of life we’ll never know. They can serve as both a distraction and entertainment. A good film can make us laugh, cry and even inspire us. If your home is anything like Laurel Circle, during the movie award season, your attention turns even more to watching and discussing the best of cinema. But there are many reasons to grab your favorite drinks and snacks and treat yourself to a film that goes far beyond just wanting two hours of entertainment.

Emotional benefits of movie watching

Besides providing escapism, here are some other benefits of watching movies for senior citizens:

  • Watching a movie can be revitalizing by helping you relax and have a good time.
  • Many movies can help you come to grips with your own problems through identification or make you feel empathy toward others who are facing challenges.
  • While watching a movie, you can experience passion or danger without suffering the real side effects.
  • When you watch a movie, inspirational characters can energize your real life.
  • Films create laughter and happiness. And there’s no doubt that they have immense influence over both mental and physical health.
  • Sad movies can also help you release deep emotions.
  • You can find new perspectives that will help you reflect on and change your attitude.
  • Movies can help you see the world differently and push you to be more creative, flexible and innovative.
  • Watching and discussing a movie with friends and family creates a social connection.
  • Movies can help us reflect on existential and spiritual questions.
  • Heartbreak and loss can be softened by movies that help you through tough periods.
  • Watching classic movies in groups is also beneficial to memory support residents because it creates an ideal setting for conversation and sharing with others.

Movie time at Laurel Circle

Around here, when it comes to picking the best movies for seniors, we find residents know which funny or good movies every senior will like. That’s why we have a resident Movie Committee. So when it comes to showing movies in our senior living community, they decide which ones to screen in our auditorium every Saturday night. We also have a private movie screening room if there is a particular favorite you want to watch with family and friends.

To learn more about our movie-loving culture, resident committees or fun-filled lifestyle, call us or fill out our contact form.