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25 Years of Independent Living and a Very Attractive Incentive

Mayor Matthew Moench posing with senior living community residents

Laurel Circle really understands a home is where the heart is. Smiles and happy times were shared as the Life Plan Community in Bridgewater, N.J., recently celebrated its silver anniversary. Residents, their families, employees, and Bridgewater Mayor Matthew Moench embraced the special occasion highlighting long-term friendships and a sense of belonging at a gala reception.

For the past 25 years, this independent senior living community has prioritized people, and its staff is dedicated to offering residents outstanding support. “Our residents are the reason we are here. We try very hard to get to know each resident personally and meet their individual needs,” says Brian Alexopoulos, Executive Director of Laurel Circle. “Our special milestone anniversary is made all the sweeter by honoring the people who have made the community what it is today. We want to share the stories of the remarkable people who have lived here the longest.”

These notable pioneers are Charlotte McAfee, Ellen McCourt, Betsy Sussman, and Edith Brokaw. The women’s stories are intertwined in the fabric of Laurel Circle, as they have been a part of the community’s history since its founding. “Over the years, I have made best friends and met some of the most wonderful people. I continue to feel blessed that my husband and I decided to move all those years ago when we chose to make Laurel Circle our new home,” says Ellen McCourt.

The Life Plan Community’s success is also partly due to its employees. There are caring people everywhere you look. Renz Villaescusa is one; he began his career at Laurel Circle while looking for a part-time job in college. Villaescusa reminisced about starting as a server and learning how to cook. “Laurel Circle has been like a second family to me. Since the very beginning, I felt like the commitment was both ways. I was a part of the community; it has been a huge gift that I have grown my career in this place.” Villaescusa has grown with the community and currently serves as Laurel Circle’s Accounting Director.

Mayor Matthew Moench helped Laurel Circle honor four resident pioneers at a recent gala dinner.

There are more celebrations ahead for this warm and vibrant community. The building will receive a special blessing in observance of its long-term success. “We feel extremely fortunate, and we want to share that with prospective seniors considering Laurel Circle,” says Executive Director Alexopoulos. “We are delighted to announce in honor of our 25th anniversary, we will offer new residents in the Bridgewater- area a 25 percent off incentive through the end of the year.”

Come and find out the warm welcome that awaits you! We are a full-service, independent senior living community with a unique personality and a distinct spirit. Here, you’re free to enjoy what has always been important to you while experiencing new adventures and endless opportunities.

To learn more about Laurel Circle’s 25-year legacy or learn about the anniversary incentive program, please visit our homepage or call 908-595-6500.