See What’s Next!

Introducing the new Laurel Circle. With enhanced amenities, dining experiences, services, and shared spaces, it’s easier than ever to embrace your elevated lifestyle and expand it in surprising new ways.

Watch our renovation sneak peek video and browse photos to witness the new Laurel Circle come to life.

Laurel Circle has recently completed a vast number of renovations on the entire first floor of the community. These amenities include a new bistro, café and coffee bar, main lobby and common areas, beauty salon, wellness center, concierge, and lounge as well as the entire assisted living neighborhood. Our elevated amenities create a remarkable balance of modern luxury and quaint comfort, just like the Laurel Circle lifestyle.

Renovations Add a New Level of Culinary Excellence.

Discover our recently completed dining renovations in the heart of our community, including a resident bar, a social hub, and a fully reengineered kitchen, elevating our dining experience to new heights. Unlike many senior living communities, Laurel Circle is proud to have an experienced and innovative in-house food and beverage team.

“We’re not sure who is more excited about the renovations,” says Executive Director Brian Alexopoulos. “The residents who love everything about having a new dining area or our food and beverage team who will use the reengineered kitchen to elevate Laurel Circle’s overall dining experience.”

Rejuvenated Amenities Inspire a New Way of Wellness.

Relax and renew in our modernized wellness center, spa, beauty salon, and state-of-the-art fitness center, creating a remarkable balance of modern luxury and quaint comfort, just like the new Laurel Circle lifestyle.