There’s nothing quite like hearing what a place is like from the people who make it home and their loved ones.

Get to Know Laurel Circle

I just wanted to send a note of gratitude to the entire staff. My grandparents speak so highly of the facility and staff. Thank you so very much for creating such a fun, healthy, and comfortable environment. Every time I see them it’s like picking up a kid from summer camp, with stories of “make your own sundaes” and live music. They truly are in the best hands possible and I and my entire family are extremely grateful for the care y’all provide to them.
Mason M. – Grandchild
Laurel Circle was the best place to be during Covid, Nutritious meals and great having staff around.
Anne R. – Resident
“Laurel Circle has a small-town atmosphere with sociable, diverse, and interesting residents and a friendly, dedicated staff. I enjoy the freedom of a varied and independent lifestyle and the security, which gives my children peace of mind.”
Ellen M. – Resident
“Laurel Circle has given me a new, very different life; very soon after moving, I became involved in many varied activities. I’ve called Laurel Circle my home and my fellow residents my family for more than 10 years – I know I made one of the best decisions of my life!”
Ulla H. – Resident
“From the very first day, I have been a happy camper. The facilities are nice, but what makes Laurel Circle so special are the residents; over the years, I’ve made many true friends. To those thinking of living here, I say DO IT, you won’t regret it.”
Robert M. – Resident
“What I like about Laurel Circle is I don’t have all the responsibilities that go with owning a house. I no longer have to worry about things going wrong and having to find someone to fix them. I don’t have to worry about getting the snow plowed after a storm, or paying monthly bills. All those things are taken care of for me.”
Wilma M. – Resident
“The activities are so numerous that we’re never at a loss for what to do.”
Mary S. – Resident
“I want to sincerely thank the Laurel Circle team for everything they have done not only for my aunt, but for our family. We will be forever grateful for the care and consideration shown to us. You all have been so kind and patient with my family throughout this transition. The numerous phone calls, logistics between Florida and New Jersey, arranging travel plans, providing lodging for me and my son while we moved my aunt into the community, and endless other kind gestures are so appreciated. There was never a question raised that the team did not have an answer and solution to. Your team’s kindness and generosity provided us quality time experiencing the community with my aunt as we got her settled and reassured and comforted us knowing we made an excellent decision. Rolling out the red carpet for us is an understatement. It was evident through this entire process that Laurel Circle is not just a “job” to your team, it’s about making a difference in family’s lives, and providing quality of life for our senior loved ones. Laurel Circle truly is a special place. A building is just a shell. It’s the staff and residents that make it so special. And I was amazed by the level of service we received. Any little thing that came up was immediately tended to and resolved. Everyone, was just so endearing and kind. After spending time with my aunt in the community, we were sad to leave this special place. In such a short time, we made so many nice friends and enjoyed the company of many of the residents. I went from being scared and cautious as we entered for the first time, to being grateful and comforted in knowing that my aunt is a resident of such a wonderful community. Thank you!”
Kathleen W. – Niece