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Laurel Circle’s full spectrum of care levels offers support today, and peace of mind for tomorrow!

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Several principles of health and wellness go into the core beliefs of Bridgewater, NJ’s only life plan community, Laurel Circle. A Life Plan Community, also called a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), offers an active, independent lifestyle plus access to multiple levels of care. They offer the full continuum, which includes independent living, assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing, and senior rehabilitation—so if the time for additional support comes or a short-term rehabilitation arises, they offer their residents security and peace of mind.


Many residents commend the services and ease of recovery they have experienced at Laurel Circle. Anne Russo became widowed at 38. During this period of her life, she decided to go back to college and learn a trade so that she would be able to take care of her two daughters. Russo entered the mechanical draftsman trade, a male-dominated field at the time, and held a position at Bell Laboratories. Russo has been an active resident of Laurel Circle’s Independent Living community for over seven years. But when Russo experienced an unexpected shoulder injury, she looked for support from the dedicated professionals at Laurel Circle.


While undergoing a shoulder replacement, Russo experienced muscular atrophy, which is common in patients when they are limited to a bed or wheelchair. Both of these injuries required she participate in an intensive physical therapy (PT) program to help her learn how to use her arm again and help her learn to walk independently. The Arbor, Laurel Circle’s rehabilitation center, was ready and able to help her with her recovery. As she describes, “Somebody was available night and day to ensure I would recover quickly.”


an associate leading residents in exerciseDuring her stay at The Arbor, Russo received a physical therapy program designed to fit the needs of her injuries and aid in her recovery, “The care I received was top tier; the staff kept me motivated during my recovery, and there’s a lot of love between the staff and residents. It’s like a family!”


Another success story of The Arbor is Jane Settle. Like Russo, Settle has been a resident of Laurel Circle’s Independent Living community for four years. As a former high school science teacher, she was looking for a place where she could spend her time focusing on her passions. Settle and her husband, Ted, enjoy a very active lifestyle of hobbies and travels. Settle serves on the Resident Counsel; has a deep-“rooted” passion for the study of plants; and loves to provide varieties of feed for the birds, and even attempts to attract hummingbirds. Ted travels along the Delaware and Raritan Canal taking photographs of various aspects of the canal for his considerable portfolio of images of the canal.


So, when faced with an injury that required PT to recover, she enjoyed the benefits of The Arbor. Settle opted to have PTs from The Arbor visit her in her apartment to receive therapy, allowing her to maintain her active lifestyle and benefit from the ultra-convenience of rehabilitation right where she lives. “I felt so comforted the entire time they did everything for me and took the stress out of having to find an available physical therapy program,” says Settle.


Settle completed a short 2-week program; she claims her recovery time was quick because she participates in the daily conditioning classes Laurel Circle offers. Being in excellent condition enabled Settle’s recovery time to be far less than it would have been had she not already been training. “The therapists are excellent; they work with each other to create plans that are the best for the patients,” says Settle.


Laurel Circle has created an environment for their residents that allows them to flourish in every aspect of their lives. From providing them with outlets to pursue passions, to assisting them when injuries arise, they provide the full continuum of care that is necessary, every step of the way.


To learn more about The Arbor and Laurel Circle’s full continuum of care please contact us through our website or call (908) 595-6500