The benefit of Life Plan at Laurel Circle.

People move to Laurel Circle for any number of reasons: our friendly vibe, a sense of community, a location close to family and friends. Many residents view their move as an investment in their quality of life. At Laurel Circle, they have more opportunities for connection and living a fuller life than they did at home.

At Laurel Circle, future residents have a choice in the type of residency contract that best fits with their goals, needs and long-term planning. Depending on the contract and floor plan chosen, the Entrance Fee and monthly fees can vary. We understand navigating the variety in senior living options can be daunting so we would love to meet with you to discuss your goals, needs and what fits best in your long-term plan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

“I enjoy the freedom of a varied and independent lifestyle and the security — which gives my children peace of mind.”

– Ellen McCourt, Resident