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Celebrating National Pi Day with Our Executive Pastry Chef Vera Lepore

Pi Day

We’re always enjoying the sweet life at Laurel Circle, but this March we have something infinitely special to share with you — our celebration of Pi Day! You may be wondering, what is Pi Day? In case you’re not familiar with this holiday, which is growing in popularity across the world, it’s in honor of the digits of pi, which continue on without repetition or pattern past the decimal point (3.14). Every year, Pi Day is recognized on — you guessed it — March 14 (or 3/14).


What is Pi Day? — The History

Created by physicist Larry Shaw (known as the Prince of Pi), Pi Day first began more than 30 years ago, as a way to bring staff together at the Exploratorium, the iconic San Francisco museum. It grew to also celebrate renowned physicist Albert Einstein’s birthday on the same date. Soon, math enthusiasts also began recognizing it, and in 2009 Pi Day became an official U.S. national holiday. Today, the Exploratorium continues the Pi Day tradition with a public celebration — and lots of pie eating. Here at Laurel Circle, we’re excited to join in the fun!


Just as Pi measures the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, here at Laurel Circle we measure the success of our community celebrations to the ratio of creations by our executive pastry chef, Vera Lepore. Trained at the French Culinary Institute, Vera now serves her special desserts to the residents of Laurel Circle each day. For Pi Day, Chef Vera will be baking a variety of fruit pies for the occasion, to tempt every type of taste bud.

Executive Pastry Chef Vera Lepore


“When I create, my secret ingredient is love, because I love what I do.”

—Vera Lepore, Executive Pastry Chef at Laurel Circle


Discover the Sweet life at Laurel Circle

Pie eating on Pi Day is only one example of the fun events our residents enjoy on a regular basis at Laurel Circle. Here is a sneak peek at our recipe that’s been a local favorite for decades:

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  • Don’t wait to learn more about our delicious lifestyle at Laurel Circle. For more information on our dining options for every taste (including private dining, grab-and-go meals and more), and to meet our team of chefs, visit our dining page.