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Laurel Circle Celebrates 25 Years with Very Special Residents

seniors enjoying lunch together

For 25 years, Laurel Circle’s success has been built on the foundation of enriching the lives of its residents, fostering their well-being, and creating new opportunities for them to explore and pursue diverse passions. “As we kick off our 25th year, we want to share the stories of the wonderful community members, who have supported us along the way,” says Brian Alexopoulos, Executive Director of Laurel Circle.

When Charlotte and Wayne McAfee were in the process of looking for a retirement community, they never imagined the great friends and close relationships they would find at Laurel Circle.

In making this decision, the McAfees had a lot to consider. Wayne, who had been recently diagnosed with macular degeneration, needed a place that would be able to assist him with his condition while also providing both of them the opportunity for intellectual stimulation and a sense of community. They had heard of a retirement community opening less than a mile away from their family home. So, when the opportunity to be among the first to move into Laurel Circle — which was then known as Arbor Glen — presented itself, the McAfees did not hesitate.

senior lady smiling on carnival rideDuring this time, the community was still under construction but had already found its first group of prospective residents. Arbor Glen wanted future community members to get to know one another before moving in, so they hosted a pre-opening meet and greet for the future neighbors. “This was a great way for us to understand more and learn about the benefits they offered, like the beauty of safety, the benefit of intellectual stimulation, and the ability to make lasting connections,” says Charlotte.

The McAfees were able to move into the first completed wing in 1997. Renovations and construction were still underway, but the couple enjoyed every moment in their new home. They had many opportunities to help create the warm atmosphere that Laurel Circle is known for today by welcoming new residents into the community and developing programming everyone has come to love. Charlotte added, “I have known so many beautiful, wonderful people. The highlight of it all has been forming strong and lasting friendships.

25 years later, Charlotte now lives on her own after the passing of her husband Wayne, but she is surrounded by the friends that she made at Laurel Circle. She is able to enjoy her independence while feeling supported by her family of three daughters, three grandchildren, three great-grandchildren, and the incredible staff at Laurel Circle. “The joy of my life has been living here for the past 25 years.”

To learn more about Laurel Circle’s 25th Anniversary or there events please visit: https://laurelcirclelcs.com/ or call: (908) 595-6500