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Laurel Circle residents make sure the show goes on!

Senior living resident working at shop counter

Frank and Sandy Lyman, retired schoolteachers, were longtime residents of Columbia, MD, before moving to NJ to be closer to their daughter. Knowing they would not enjoy a large community and needing an intimate setting where they could participate in clubs and activities while making new friends, they set their sights on Bridgewater’s only life plan community, Laurel Circle.

Since moving to Laurel Circle seven years ago, the Lymans have certainly made the best of their time around campus by meeting new people and being involved in some of the community’s committees and volunteer opportunities. Their favorites include The Resident Arts and Entertainment Committee and volunteer work at the Heirloom and Gift Shops.

Arts and entertainment are a big part of the community and Laurel Circle’s Director of Community Life Services, Leah Jennings, creates a robust schedule of performances from top talent in many genres. “We have a few tried-and-true entertainers who return again and again, but we are always on the lookout for new faces,” said Jennings. “It’s great seeing how excited people get when a new performer comes to visit.”

In addition to the fabulous groups and entertainers that Jennings books, the residents of Laurel Circle have developed a group of their own that handpicks local performers and artists to visit the community.

The Resident Arts and Entertainment Committee meets on behalf of all residents to pick activities or performers that they believe everyone will want to experience. Recent entertainers include a barbershop quartet, a Frank Sinatra impersonator, and a concert pianist. Frank, the current chairperson, is passionate about having a diverse network of entertainers. “We know how to have fun and live life to the fullest here at Laurel Circle; having top-notch performers come in several times a month is a huge part of our lifestyle,” said Lyman. “It’s hard to say who my favorite performer is because we just have so many talented people coming to present.”

Funding for the Resident Arts and Entertainment Committee comes from the money made from the resident-volunteer-run Heirloom and Gift Shops. The Heirloom Shop features a collection of unique antiques, paintings, and decorations, while the Gift Shop offers groceries, greeting cards, and toys. Frank has remarked that the best time to come and shop is during the holiday season. “We do Christmas shopping at both stores every year.”

The Heirloom and Gift shops at Laurel Circle are a fundamental piece of the Laurel Circle experience. Residents can drop by and pick up items for not just themselves but for their families and loved ones.

Laurel Circle enables its residents to live an active and engaging lifestyle by offering them the opportunity to continue to develop passions post-retirement. It’s because of this philosophy that people like Frank and Sandy Lyman get to experience newfound joys through volunteer work and will continue to develop new interests throughout their time spent at Laurel Circle.

To learn more about resident run committees or entertainment at Laurel Circle schedule a tour by calling 908-595-6500 or visit https://laurelcirclelcs.com