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What Is Senior Wellness and How Do Retirement Communities Promote It?

Senior woman lifting weights and doing stretches

Senior woman lifting weights and doing stretches

Nearly any wellness program, for anyone at any age, promotes eating well-balanced meals and getting more exercise. No doubt, those are important aspects of a healthy lifestyle. But true wellness involves much, much more. In fact, you may be surprised to learn that some senior wellness programs — including those at Laurel Circle — actually encompass eight distinct dimensions.

Eight Dimensions of Senior Wellness

Senior wellness isn’t just about looking after your physical health; true wellness involves a more holistic approach that nurtures your body, mind and spirit.


While physical health isn’t the only aspect of overall wellness, it is an important one, especially as you age and your risk for certain diseases and conditions increases. Exercise classes that align with your abilities make it easier to keep moving consistently. At Laurel Circle, instructors for popular senior fitness classes like yoga, tai chi and Pilates are led by instructors who are certified by the National Institute for Fitness and Sport. A partnership with the nearby Jewish Community Center, where residents have a free membership, provides additional options to get (and stay) active.

Eating well-balanced meals is another way to protect your physical wellness. Laurel Circle’s flexible dining times and multiple venue options are made even better because menus are prepared with input from a dietician who works to ensure each meal is as nutritious as it is enjoyable.


Many seniors experience a sense of loneliness and isolation, but living in a senior living community surrounded by peers makes it easier to meet new people and engage in social activities. Research has shown that maintaining social ties as you age can prevent mental health concerns such as depression; it also has been shown to promote better physical health and may even extend your life. Laurel Circle’s array of clubs, classes, committees, celebrations and more make it possible to find activities that fit virtually any interest.


With age comes some difficult moments, including the loss of friends and loved ones. Effectively managing grief and monitoring your mental health also affects your overall sense of well-being. A caring and supportive team can help keep an eye on you, and they may even help identify ways to improve your emotional wellness before you recognize any concerns yourself.


You might be surprised to learn that keeping your mind sharp as you age is an active process. Just like any other muscle in your body, you need to use your brain to keep it functioning in top condition. That’s why activities like brain games, educational seminars and lifelong learning programs are so important to your wellness. What’s more, continuing to nurture your brain’s natural desire to learn can bring great personal satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment.


Giving back to others or to the larger community can help instill a vital sense of purpose, which often fades with the demands of your family and career. Finding a new way to channel your energy — and making a positive impact while you do so — pays big dividends all around.


Where you live affects your outlook and general life satisfaction. A welcoming community where you feel connected to your neighbors and staff members is the foundation of a rewarding and fulfilling lifestyle. A setting that encompasses inviting gardens, walking paths and areas where you can enjoy nature enhances your sense of well-being, as do cozy spaces indoors where you can make yourself at home.


As you age, you can expect to encounter many changes. Leaning on hope, inner strength and peace can help you navigate these uncharted territories. Worship services, meditation, and religious studies are just some of the ways Laurel Circle residents explore and develop their spiritual wellness.

Health Services

Monitoring your medical needs and engaging in preventive screenings is another essential key to overall wellness. Managing existing conditions and keeping tabs on your risk for new ones will help protect your health in the long run. Laurel Circle’s on-site medical clinic is a valuable resource for residents who benefit from a broad range of health resources.

How Senior Living Communities and Wellness Go Hand in Hand

Within a senior living community, residents have access to a wealth of resources that promote whole-person wellness. Activities and programs are designed with the specific needs of active seniors in mind. Not only that, but they also encourage camaraderie, as residents motivate one another and pursue their wellness goals together.

At Laurel Circle, residents have access to a designated point person for all their senior wellness needs, whether that means setting goals or finding classes and activities that match their interests. The Health and Wellness Navigator is a personal advocate who can tailor a wellness plan for each resident’s unique situation.

A serene and welcoming community like Laurel Circle fosters senior wellness across every dimension. Contact us today to schedule a tour of our Bridgewater, New Jersey, retirement community and learn more about how we make your well-being our top priority.